• Football Season

    Kick-Off Your Eating Plan Football is back. It’s the start of drinking beer, eating nachos, devouring chicken wings, and spending endless hours on the couch in front of a TV – the perfect recipe for trouble when it comes to your eating and exercise regimen. So just like our Broncos, you need an offensive and

  • Better Nutrition With Best Fall Produce

    Fall Forward: From Apples to Zucchini  Ahhh, there’s nothing like the first days of fall to wash away all that summer heat. The leaves are finally changing, the days are cooler and it’s a great time to kick your healthy eating habits in to high gear. You’ll be amazed at how many fruits and vegetables

  • End of Summer Fitness Training

    The End Of Summer: Make the Most of Outdoor Activities Labor Day often signals the unofficial end of summer. An ode to backyard barbecues, lazy days spent sipping cocktails and throwing Frisbees. The kids are finally back to school and fall is soon to make a crisp appearance. And most often then not, a lot

  • Training Under Stress

    Now I’m the first to advocate working out to help manage the stress in your life. But you will want to look at the environment and conditions of the stress. When a client or athlete comes into the gym, obviously dealing with some level of stress, it is important to take a deeper look. Is