• Calling All Men

    It’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month In the United States alone, one in five men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is the most common cancer diagnosed in men. And although there is no proven prostate cancer prevention strategy, most doctors agree that making healthy choices is your best bet. Of course, this strategy has

  • 8-Week Challenge

    Week 1 is in the books. There were some great weigh ins. Food logs are starting to come, which are important so we can plan the following week. It looks like a 2% weight loss is the greatest loss for the week. Keys to success are:         Food log      

  • The Fact to the The Fiction…

    Fiction: Cardio is the only way to get those extra pounds off… Fact: Cardio is a great way to stay healthy. It conditions the heart and lungs. It gives you something to do during your favorite TV. show, but it takes a bit more to lose that last little bit of weight. Cardiovascular training is

  • Football Season

    Kick-Off Your Eating Plan Football is back. It’s the start of drinking beer, eating nachos, devouring chicken wings, and spending endless hours on the couch in front of a TV – the perfect recipe for trouble when it comes to your eating and exercise regimen. So just like our Broncos, you need an offensive and