Why do I need a fitness trainer?

Because you…

  • don’t know where to get started with your fitness program
  • are stuck in your current program and would like to go to that next level with your fitness and conditioning
  • have a booked schedule and would like some accountability
  • when you continue to do exercises that are injuring you
  • just get frustrated when you have to think about planning yet one more  thing

What should I expect in the initial Personal training consultation?

Our initial consultation is designed to give you an opportunity to meet with Jeff personally and see the training studio first hand. We will discuss you fitness goals, activities, fitness experience and how I conduct and implement your workout plans.

Which is the best diet plan?

The nutrition industry is riddled with “Diet Plans” and “Magic Beans.” Advanced physical training does not believe in “Diets,” the first 3 letters in the word spells “Die.” We believe in a sound, strategically planned nutrition program. The International Sports Sciences Association teaches the 1-2-3 philosophy to performance nutrition (1 part fat, 2 parts protein, 3 parts carbohydrates) which is a great place to start.

How much weight should I lose per week?

This is a great question, as there are individuals on the popular show “The biggest loser” that are losing 5-20lbs a week. “The biggest loser,” is the ideal situation to lose weight. For many of us off the ranch, 1-2lbs of fat loss a week is ideal.


How many days a week should I lift weights?

This depends on your fitness goals. The competitive body builder will train quite a bit different than the competitive athlete or general fitness enthusiast. For the general fitness enthusiast 2-3 days of a total body workout is all it takes. But again, your specific goals determine the weight lifting program that you will need.

Does muscle turn into fat or fat into muscle?

No, a muscle cell cannot turn into a fat cell or a fat cell turn into a muscle cell. The nutritional and exercise program that you’re on will dictate how much you can lose or gain each. Finding the right nutrition strategy is key. Too few calories and you will burn lean mass while too many calories will be stored as fat. Have a body composition test taken every 4-6 weeks so that you can track your fat mass and lean mass.

No, lifting weights will not make you bulky. It is often feared that lifting weights will put a bunch of size on you. To do that you need to be on a specific hypertrophy program and spending many, many hours in the gym. What lifting weights will do is:

  •   Improve muscle tone
  •   Increase muscular strength
  •   Increase metabolism
  •   Improve body composition


How much cardio should I be doing?

That depends greatly on your goals. Unlike weight lifting, you can get on the cardio 6-7 days a week. It is important to cycle your cardiovascular training as well. Try breaking your weeks up into, low, medium and high intensity workout days.  For your general health and fitness goals, 3-6 days a week with 1-4 days for recovery will work out well.






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