Too old (I’m 53), too fat (I’m 341 pounds), to out-of-shape (can’t climb the two steps into my house), too embarrassed (I can barely lift a can of peas, much less do a push up). That was where I was.  I Took a chance, met with Jeff and now I’m still old (I’m 56), lost over 100 pounds (yipee), my blood pressure is below normal range and my energy level has increased dramatically, and I’m never embarrassed working out! Go ahead, take a chance – it is so worth it!! Thank you, Jeff!IMG_0267_thumb.jpg

– EhvaLynn G

Windows Live Photo Gallery WallpaperI have worked out with Jeff since I moved to Colorado Springs several years ago.  Jeff has helped me gain overall fitness and flexibility, with added bonuses to my golf swing, skiing and even stress management.  My wife has also worked with Jeff through several different seasons of her life.  One was for weight loss when he helped her loose over thirty pounds; another was after a difficult pregnancy, and yet another was dealing with a neck injury and two different back injuries.  After a year of continual physical therapy and numerous other treatments, she was still barely able to walk and was limited in basic daily activities.  After just a few months working with Jeff twice a week, she can now walk, do basic exercise, and handle everyday activities .  The road has been difficult.  Every time she feels discouraged about her progress, Jeff shows her how far she has come through the FMS analysis and encourages her through each work out. We can’t say enough things about how Jeff has helped both me and my wife over these last several years.  Jeff tailors each client’s needs to where they are and what they need.  We believe Jeff is one of the best personal trainers in Colorado Springs and have confidence in our claim.  We are a real couple and this is a real testimony. We would be happy to speak with anyone interested in training with Jeff and share more specifically our experiences working with him – Jeff can give you our contact information.  Otherwise, you’ll probably run into us in the studio.  

 – Kevin and Blakely D

ski testimonial pic 1

If it wasn’t for the training Jeff provided me and my skiing, I would not be where I am today.  My strength has greatly improved and I am able to progress in competitive skiing in ways I couldn’t of without his training.  It really amazes me.

– Matt C

(Amateur Nationally Ranked Downhill Skier)

When I started our fitness adventure with all of you earlier this year, my A1-C (4mos. blood sugar level) was over 12 points and it should ideally be between 6 and 7 points. My total cholesterol was over 250, my triglycerides were over 200, etc.etc. Get the picture? I was not in the best of health.  I’
m very pleased to share with all of you that my A1-C is now 8.2, my cholesterol is below normal and my triglycerides are within normal. My BP is low. To top it all off, I participated in the Susan G. Komen Walk this past Sunday and completed the 5k course, part of which was over a mile uphill.   Whooooohooooo!

– Paula B

To me exercise is a four letter word. It has been since forever and I am now in my sixties, but I finally came to the conclusion that in order to do the things I hope to do into my eighties and beyond I needed a body that would do what I needed it to.  Jeff was recommended to me by a good friend and I could not be happier with how he concludes what your body needs and how to get there without the fear of “no pain no gain”. He pushes you in your 30 minutes or so but I can honestly say that I felt better with more energy and without the sore muscles that I expected.

– Eve K

Jeff’s training style is very flexible. He does not force you to do things you are not comfortable with, but pushes you past the wall in your brain that tells you “I can’t.” He is very considerate of physical limitations, but also knows when it is the right time to test those limitations and see if they are opening up. Yes, I can do squats pretty darn well now, but am still working on the lunges! Jeff has just the right balance of discipline, “tough love”, and encouragement! I have seen some of the greatest results come out of Jeff’s training, not just with myself, but with so many other people who have trusted him with their fitness.

– Erin H

I starting working with Jeff over 2 years ago and I was in very poor physical condition, smoker with very serious lung issues, breathing problems and had no real core or cardio condition. Jeff has made me stronger and I have more core strength and cardio strength then before. His methods of changing your lifestyle and habits has brought me to where I used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day down to 10 and od not smoke in the day time. I am a 65 year old male and Jeff has made me look and feel as if I was 40 year old. Although I hate to do mountain climbers I have been able to do some, crunches are my favorite and the Plank used to cause me grief and now I can do them with ease. To Jeff and his methodology of training a big THANK YOU for adding years to my life.

– Duke C

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