JEFFICTIONARY (Jeff-fiction-ary) part II

Thanks John for all the hard work and laughs!

JEFFICTIONARY (Jeff-fiction-ary)

Jeffercise (jeff-er-size) – The original… what workout with Jeff is called.

Jeffsweat (jeff-sweat) – What drips constantly from your body during Jeffercise.

Jeffology (jeff-ah-logy) – The study of the name “Jeff”.

Jeffun (jeff-un) – What working out with Jeff becomes.

Jeffoto (jeff-photo) – Picture of Jeff on his website.

Jeff-talk (jeff-talk) – Must include two of the three following words:

1-      “Pumped”

2-      “Cardio”

3-      “Reps”

Jeffreynewal (jeff-renewal) – Deciding to do another year with Jeffercise.

Jeffomaniac (jeff-o-maniac) – Person who works out with Jeff more than three times a week.

Jefficide (jeff-eh-side) – When you feel like he “killed” you today with workout.

Jeff’d (jeff-ed) – Leaving workout beat down tired (see also Jefficide).

Jeffercism (jeff-er-sism) – The use of the word “Jeff”.

Jefferscuse (jeff-er-scooze) – What you give Jeff for not showing up for workout.

Jefforama (jeff-o-rama) – All this talk about Jeff.

Jeffert (jeff-er-t) – What you put into a workout with Jeff… or else !

Jeffido (jeff-fi-doe) – Jeff’s canine friend.

Jeffitude (jeff-i-tood) – When your attitude becomes just like Jeff’s.

Jeffreyquest (jeff-re-quest) – (example: “How many reps do we do with this exercise again?”)

Jeffreyply (jeff-re-ply) – (example: “How many times do I have to tell you this?”)

–          (normally follows Jeffreyquest)

Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Jeffrey! – What Jeff’s Mom used to say to get his attention.

Mr. Jimeson?  Not Jeff… Jeff’s Dad.

Jeff-nos (jeff-nose) –

–          No rollover reps!

–          No I won’t repeat it! This is not your first time doing this!

–          No whining!

Jeffercisers (jeff-ercizers) –




And lastly, our favorite…

Jeff-tastic (jeff-tas-tic) – The feeling you have after spending an hour with Jeff.




See addendum –





These are last minute additions to the Jeffictionary:

Jeffheart (jeff-hart) – What comes out as a result of Jeffercise.

Jeffmotto (jeff-motto) – “Pain is weakness leaving your body.”

Jeffcident (jeff-cid-ent) – Stuff happens when you’re in Jeffercise.

Jeffreylapse (jeff-re-lapse) – Not doing as well in Jeffercise as you once did.

Jefferoni – What Jeff eats for lunch.

Jeffriddle – “What’s the difference between this… IMG_3383   and this… life saver  ??

Answer:  Absolutely nothing… both lifesavers.


Analysis Paralysis

Keep it Simply Successful (KISS)

We all have our resources of information and with technology today we get plenty! This is great. We can get online and have an answer to our query within seconds. It can also paralyze us. With all the information out there about health and fitness where do you start?


You start by simplifying. Of all the information that you’ve read try to commit to one. With the schedules that we have it can be overwhelming to start and recommit to something new. Pick one thing that you can do this week and just commit to that one thing.


Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Exercise 10min a day
  • Drink more water
  • Start logging breakfast
  • Stretch 5min a day
Take a water break
Take a water break


Keep It Simply Successful (KISS Principle). Right now something is better than nothing, so let’s start with something simple and successful.


Stay Strong



Who’s got your back?


Do those around you have your best interests in mind? One of the biggest challenges my clients have reaching their health and fitness goals are their friends and family. That pressure can be one of the most significant challenges to reaching your fitness goals.

Don’t let that pressure derail you from your success. Stay strong and remember the plan you have set out before you. Yes, that plan that you made months ago that outlined how you are going to reach those fitness goals. That plan will give you strength and it will keep you focused on the prize.

Sometimes we are going to fall off plan and if you do, don’t stay there. Pull your plan out and use it to get you re-focused, re-motivated and back on track ASAP!