• JEFFICTIONARY (Jeff-fiction-ary) part II

    Thanks John for all the hard work and laughs! JEFFICTIONARY (Jeff-fiction-ary) Jeffercise (jeff-er-size) – The original… what workout with Jeff is called. Jeffsweat (jeff-sweat) – What drips constantly from your body during Jeffercise. Jeffology (jeff-ah-logy) – The study of the name “Jeff”. Jeffun (jeff-un) – What working out with Jeff becomes. Jeffoto (jeff-photo) – Picture

  • Analysis Paralysis

    Keep it Simply Successful (KISS) We all have our resources of information and with technology today we get plenty! This is great. We can get online and have an answer to our query within seconds. It can also paralyze us. With all the information out there about health and fitness where do you start?  

  • Who’s got your back?

    Do those around you have your best interests in mind? One of the biggest challenges my clients have reaching their health and fitness goals are their friends and family. That pressure can be one of the most significant challenges to reaching your fitness goals. Don’t let that pressure derail you from your success. Stay strong