• JEFFICTIONARY (Jeff-fiction-ary) part II

    Thanks John for all the hard work and laughs!

    JEFFICTIONARY (Jeff-fiction-ary)

    Jeffercise (jeff-er-size) – The original… what workout with Jeff is called.

    Jeffsweat (jeff-sweat) – What drips constantly from your body during Jeffercise.

    Jeffology (jeff-ah-logy) – The study of the name “Jeff”.

    Jeffun (jeff-un) – What working out with Jeff becomes.

    Jeffoto (jeff-photo) – Picture of Jeff on his website.

    Jeff-talk (jeff-talk) – Must include two of the three following words:

    1-      “Pumped”

    2-      “Cardio”

    3-      “Reps”

    Jeffreynewal (jeff-renewal) – Deciding to do another year with Jeffercise.

    Jeffomaniac (jeff-o-maniac) – Person who works out with Jeff more than three times a week.

    Jefficide (jeff-eh-side) – When you feel like he “killed” you today with workout.

    Jeff’d (jeff-ed) – Leaving workout beat down tired (see also Jefficide).

    Jeffercism (jeff-er-sism) – The use of the word “Jeff”.

    Jefferscuse (jeff-er-scooze) – What you give Jeff for not showing up for workout.

    Jefforama (jeff-o-rama) – All this talk about Jeff.

    Jeffert (jeff-er-t) – What you put into a workout with Jeff… or else !

    Jeffido (jeff-fi-doe) – Jeff’s canine friend.

    Jeffitude (jeff-i-tood) – When your attitude becomes just like Jeff’s.

    Jeffreyquest (jeff-re-quest) – (example: “How many reps do we do with this exercise again?”)

    Jeffreyply (jeff-re-ply) – (example: “How many times do I have to tell you this?”)

    –          (normally follows Jeffreyquest)

    Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Jeffrey! – What Jeff’s Mom used to say to get his attention.

    Mr. Jimeson?  Not Jeff… Jeff’s Dad.

    Jeff-nos (jeff-nose) –

    –          No rollover reps!

    –          No I won’t repeat it! This is not your first time doing this!

    –          No whining!

    Jeffercisers (jeff-ercizers) –




    And lastly, our favorite…

    Jeff-tastic (jeff-tas-tic) – The feeling you have after spending an hour with Jeff.




    See addendum –





    These are last minute additions to the Jeffictionary:

    Jeffheart (jeff-hart) – What comes out as a result of Jeffercise.

    Jeffmotto (jeff-motto) – “Pain is weakness leaving your body.”

    Jeffcident (jeff-cid-ent) – Stuff happens when you’re in Jeffercise.

    Jeffreylapse (jeff-re-lapse) – Not doing as well in Jeffercise as you once did.

    Jefferoni – What Jeff eats for lunch.

    Jeffriddle – “What’s the difference between this… IMG_3383   and this… life saver  ??

    Answer:  Absolutely nothing… both lifesavers.


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