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The End Of Summer: Make the Most of Outdoor Activities

Labor Day often signals the unofficial end of summer. An ode to backyard barbecues, lazy days spent sipping cocktails and throwing Frisbees. The kids are finally back to school and fall is soon to make a crisp appearance. And most often then not, a lot of us spend this last summer holiday weekend overindulging.

So did you slip up and overdo it? Never fear, the weather is still beautiful and there are plenty of outdoor activities to help you burn off those extra calories and extra indulgences. In fact, make these fun things part of your upcoming weekend plans and if you’re lucky, it may all just even out at the end! As always, don’t forget to wear sunblock and bring your water bottle.

Kayaking. It’s not just fun to do, it helps tone your whole body – abs, glutes, everything. Even though you’re paddling with your arms, proper technique requires you to twist from your core and push through your legs. Make sure to keep your shoulders back, your abs tight and your feet in the braces for stability. It’s such a great way to spend a sunny afternoon, you’ll practically forget you’re getting a workout! In fact, you can burn about 340 calories an hour*. For a quick look and description of places to kayak in Colorado, click here.

Swimming. The water isn’t just refreshing, it provides 12 times more resistance than air. Which means, every kick and arm stroke becomes a resistance exercise. And resistance exercise is a great way to increase muscular strength and muscle tone. Plus it’s much less impacting on your joints. Just doing the crawl for an hour burns 544 calories!* Need to hear more about the health benefits of swimming? Check out this article for ten great reasons to hop in the water pronto.

Walking/Hiking. Well the first you can do anywhere – just step outside your door. The second is just as easy here in Colorado – we’re literally surrounded by trails with an abundance of scenery. And having something beautiful to look at helps take your mind off of what you’re doing. It works your legs, glutes and core. Especially if you keep your head up, eyes focused forward, and your shoulders back. Bring a friend –two-legged or four-legged! It helps the time pass by and gives your mind something else to focus on besides the fact you’re exercising. Just remember to bring your smart phone in case you get lost or want to use an app like RunKeeper to track your progress and calories burned.

If you still need extra help burning off those summer calories or maybe just a push in the right direction, a Personal Trainer could be just the accountability you need. Not only does personal training give you a built in partner, it gives you proper guidance and a safe environment to work on and achieve your goals. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with Advanced Physical Training, click here.

*Based on a 150-pound woman


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