Winter Strength for Cycling

Winter strength for Cycling


This program is designed to add strength to the cycling athlete for the upcoming cycling season. Strength is the precursor to power, so the body needs strength for us to build climbing and sprinting power. This first phase will prepare the body for the upcoming power phase while improving the athlete’s durability throughout the season.


•Improve unilateral leg strength to prepare for the spring power phase

•Improve cardiovascular fitness both aerobic and anaerobic

•Gain hip and thoracic mobility

•Gain durability to withstand the intensity of the cycling season



Workouts per week: 4days

Two days back to back, a day of recovery, and then the last two days.

 8 week program goal:

That the cycling athlete (CA) will have improved their single leg strength throughout the entire pedal stroke. The CA will have a solid base strength and cardio foundation for the spring strength and power phase. Proper periodization, strength and mobility will improve the CA’s durability, keeping them healthier and giving them more cycling days.







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