Finish the year off strong


How are you going to finish?

The Holiday season upon us which signifies 2013 is coming to a close. Are you on track to meet your goals? Have you fallen off a bit? This time of year most individuals do lose a little, OK a lot, of motivation and are just looking to get through the year. “It’s a tough time to stick to anything; I’ll just start in January”. We all know people that have said that right, maybe even you?

It doesn’t have to be like that. How are you going to finish 2013? Why not finish the year off STRONG? Commit to yourself that you’re going to finish stronger than you have ever finished any year.

I was just watching a popular video from Nick Vujicic,, on this very subject. I’m sure that you all have seen it, but take another look again and challenge yourself to finish strong.

One push-up or twenty push-ups, just finish one step closer to your 2013 goals.

Train Safe   Train Hard   Train for LIFE!

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