Baby Boomer Blast

It’s never too late to get started

I often hear that “I’d like to get started with a fitness program but I’m too old” or “I have too many medical issues to workout”.  That’s not entirely true. The 50-70yrs age group is just as able to work-out as any other generation. Just with any generation, start off light and don’t push it to begin with. In today’s fitness age the options are almost endless and that is what excites me about my job right now. With the proper fitness assessment, Baby Boomers can find their starting point and progress their fitness as well as any other. I have found that the assessment is critical in training any individual to include the Baby Boomer. WebMD also says to start off slow and do not progress to quick; they also give some good ideas about starting your fitness program and just how important a well-planned fitness program is for the Baby Boomer[1].



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