Challenge update

Our latest challenge has come to an end. Great job, the turn out was awesome! There were a number of competitors that lost right around the 2% range in total weight lost. That’s outstanding and preps them very well for the holiday season. Stay strong through this season and let’s start 2014 on top.

Congratulations to Benjamin for losing the most and finishing the challenge 4% lighter, great JOB Ben!!! He says, “that’s only the beginning and that there is more to come!”

The challenges are great ways to get started on your fitness quest. It doesn’t always have to be a weight loss challenge. You can challenge yourself to do some kind of exercise activity for a determined number of days in a row, or walk a specific distance by determined date. There are many ways to spark that competitive nature. You can even set up a challenge at work to see how much the entire office can lose in weight or who can stay the most consistent with their vegetable intake.

Recruit some friends, make it fun and have and add some excitement about your fitness plans.

Stay strong!!

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